Welcome to the creative-faces documentation, creative-faces is a plugin to allow Minecraft servers to show the face of a player in the chat. creative-faces uses creative, the library for resource-packs, and creative-central, the plugin that unifies resource-packs

creative-faces supports multiple placeholder systems like MiniPlaceholders and PlaceholderAPI



  • Add faces to the chat, signs, anvils, items, guis, everywhere!
  • Uses creative-central so you have all its features:
    • Automatically generates the server's resource-pack
    • Automatically upload the resource-pack to a server or host it locally
    • Automatically send the resource-pack to everyone
  • Easy to use
    • If you use PlaceholderAPI, just use %faces_face% to show the player's head
    • If you use MiniPlaceholders, just use <faces_face>
  • Developers API