Creative Central

Welcome to the creative-central documentation, creative-central is a plugin that unifies the server's resource-pack, allowing other plugins to programmatically add resources to the server's resource-pack

creative-central allows administrators to use multiple plugins that use resource-packs without generating conflicts

I don't understand yet...

Do you know Vault? Vault provides an API to unify the server's permissions, chat and economy, imagine a plugin that could do this, but for resource-packs, that's creative-central!


  • Add resources from your manually created resource-pack
  • Automatically generate the server's resource-pack
  • Automatically upload the resource-pack to a server or host it locally
  • Automatically send the resource-pack to everyone
  • Plug & play!
  • Say goodbye to bloated resource-packs! With creative-central, you can even have an empty resource-pack!
  • ..and all the benefits from creative
    • Validate and compress your resource-pack
    • adventure support!