Getting Started

Welcome to the creative documentation

creative is a resource-pack library for vanilla Minecraft: Java Edition, it is not dependent on the server implementation (It doesn't matter if you use Spigot, Paper, Waterfall, BungeeCord, Velocity, etc.)

See this example of the creative API:

ResourcePack resourcePack = ResourcePack.resourcePack();
// Required to have a valid resource pack
resourcePack.packMeta(9, "Description!");

// adding the resource pack icon
resourcePack.icon(Writable.file(new File("my-icon.png")));

// adding a texture

// adding a non special file
resourcePack.unknownFile("credits.txt", Writable.stringUtf8("Unnamed Team"));

// now we have a resource pack ready to be exported/written
// as a ZIP file or as a file tree (you need the 'creative-serializer-minecraft'
// dependency for this class)
        new File("my-resource-pack.zip"),


  • Create, verify and serve resource-packs programmatically
  • Create the most compact resource-packs, everything is reduced if it is possible
  • creative uses & supports Kyori's adventure
  • ...More things are possible, you just have to discover them

See hephaestus-engine, this is an example of what can be done with creative

If you prefer to learn with examples you can see the Examples section